3 Actionable Strategies to Improve Your Content Marketing ROI

How to Grow Your Business - Beholder AgencyThe world divides between small companies struggling to use content successfully and those companies seeing their content marketing efforts translate into a positive Return on Investment (ROI). Here are three actionable strategies to improve your content marketing ROI and enable creative and financial success.

Custom Approach to Content Marketing

One of the most basic mistakes made is neglecting to build out a custom plan based on your company’s specific target market. This entails choosing which types of content best meet the needs of your potential customers.

Content comes in many forms, such as:

  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Articles
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Brochures
  • Graphic design

Often times, company’s choose to develop content that they like rather than creating content that will attract customers. It’s important to always keep your customer’s desires blended with your products and services. Meet their needs and service your goals at the same time.

Action Step: Take the time to build a custom content marketing plan so you know you’re delivering the type of content that best converts your prospects into customers. You will need to diversify your efforts to determine which content strategy works best with your customers.

Use and Track Video

Most businesses need to use video. Video is not only proven to convert into sales but it’s also expected to become 80% of the Internet over the coming years.

Make it a point to not only make use of video with your content marketing campaigns, but to also track how well each video does. For example, one metric to track inside your Google Analytics account is Video Plays.

Develop a video production plan to create two different types of videos. Audiences now know the difference between professionally produced marketing and sales videos, and more “guerrilla” based video production. However, this doesn’t mean you still have to produce those. Your marketing firm and/ or video production company know how to produce both equally and with a strategic custom content marketing plan, your agency can easily transition between the two types of videos to help service your content marketing ROI quicker than you trying to figure what you your videos will be about.

Action Step: Learn how to track video in Analytics. And if you’re not using video regularly, start now!

Select Additional Content Marketing Metrics to Track

It’s vital that you starting tracking the ROI your content is bringing your business. This might include metrics such as page views, unique visitors, downloads, pages per visit, email opt-in rates, email open rates, bounce rate, revenue generated, leads, calls, etc.

Action Step: Choose which metrics your business will start tracking in order to determine your content marketing ROI.

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Most of your time is spent on satisfying your customer’s needs. So determining a content marketing ROI may sound like corporate business effort. But it’s not. Work with an agency like Beholder that understands how to work with small businesses. If you would like to explore the options when it comes to getting help with your content marketing plan, contact us today.

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