3 Eco-friendly Ways a Top Marketing Agency can help Save the Earth

Here are three Eco-friendly ways a top marketing agency can help save the earth without getting unplugged. Comment below with your suggestions!

Make Everyday Earth Day - Top Marketing Agency Eco-Friendly TipsSpring is in the air, and on April 22, millions will be celebrating Earth Day.  As a top marketing agency, we have always noted the importance of preserving our planet – and created action steps to save it. At Beholder, there’s so much we can do and have done. So, enjoy some of these Eco-friendly tips and try to incorporate them into your business.

For those of us who are chained to our computer – or our phones – here are three ways to help save the earth without getting unplugged.

1. Commit to going paperless

With online bill-pay, subscriptions, and cloud storage, going paperless has never been easier. Considering the changes to our business and marketing industry in general, a digital shift saves trees by reducing paper use and also reduces the carbon footprint / fuel consumption by all the planes, trains, and automobiles required to deliver all those little pieces of paper.

Beholder has been 98% paperless since 2006. We made a commitment as a marketing agency to serve our clients all while making a great impact to the environment at large.  While some print materials are still needed, we don’t have to burn through multiple samples for review and wasting paper in the process.

What can you do, even at home? If every American home paid its bills online, it would cut solid waste by some 1.6 billion tons a year and greenhouse-gas emissions by 2.1 million tons.

2. Provide telecommuting options or go all virtual

In 2017, Beholder decided to be bold and go virtual. This required us to have top marketing agency protocols and procedures in place – and our communication infrastructure was at the core of our business. While we spent almost 2 years getting our systems and processes in place, it was perhaps the best decision we made for our marketing agency. We were no longer confined to getting talent from one geographic area and were able to find the best talent we needed to serve our clients’ needs – from copywriters and designers to automation specialists and strategists. We opened up our scope of business and serve clients nationwide and even globally.

Our clients have access to our team and the tools they need at their fingertips. Communication has far-surpassed our expectations. And at the end of the day, our clients and team can be focused on growth and success.

If your business is not yet ready to take the virtual leap, propose an office work-from-home Earth Day or telecommute one day per week. If everyone whose job could be done at home chose to work-from-home for just one day a week, the energy savings would be the equivalent of taking more than 27 million vehicles off the road.

3. Travel… Online

There are times it is essential to be face-to-face; like when our video or photography crews need to go on-location. But for the most part, with the vast digital communication tools available for today’s modern top marketing agency and our clients, we’re able to travel and meet with our clients – online! Using tools like go-to-meeting, Google Hangout, Vimeo, Skype, and many others (we’re not going to share ALL our great secrets🙂 – keep processes and communication flowing.

Cutting down on traffic reduces air pollution from exhaust gases and dust, water pollution from chemicals spilled into our waterways, and our reliance on climate change-producing fossil fuels.  It will also provide exceptional savings to your bottom line.

We hope these Eco-Friendly Tips help you address some of your current marketing agency procedures and make you consider some environmentally effective changes to your business.

Happy Earth Day!

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