3 Reasons You Should Do Small Business Marketing on Social Media

Beholder Blog: Learn the top 3 Reasons You Should Do Small Business Marketing on Social Media

social media marketing - small business marketing on social mediaDespite all the research you’ve done, and all the success stories you’ve heard about, you’re still not sure about putting your business on social media. It seems like it takes up so much of your time, and it may even be a gamble. Between having to keep up with content and staying on top of online reviews, small business marketing seems to virtually live on social media.

While there are some negative aspects of social media – politics aside – here are some reasons why you might want to consider doing small business marketing on social media and how it can help your business.

1. It’s A Free Platform

Social media gives your business a soapbox to stand on where you can engage customers and attract business contacts. You can make sale announcements, put out follower-only coupons, and keep your fans updated on your latest news. And the best part? It won’t cost your business a dime, it’s completely free. If you could grow your business and connect with an audience for free, wouldn’t you take it?

While the platform may be free, the time and effort it takes to develop a strong small business marketing on social media strategy is important. Don’t use a “throw spaghetti on the wall” approach with your content or you’ll just have a timeline full of useless posts without gaining any traction.

2. Build A Relationship With Your Followers

small business marketing on social media - be authentic - beholder agencyTraction and engagement is where social media is at its best! Want to know how to get from obscurity to relevant? Be Authentic.

Businesses are built on return customers, and for someone to keep coming back their needs to be a relationship built. Social media lets people interact, comment, and become a part of your business’s social circle in ways that will make them feel like more than just a customer. It helps you figure out who your core audience is and how best to reach them. It gives you feedback on your brand and your products that could be used to better your business.  

Use analytic tools and diversify the accounts. What does that mean? Simple… don’t just put all your eggs in one social media basket. Try Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and see where you’re getting the most traction and engagement.  Some accounts are great for announcing information with very little engagement (like Twitter); while viewership may rise from a quality Instagram or Pinterest account. You have to work at it and allow the audience to develop… just like a regular relationship.

3. Better Business Branding

80-20-Rule marketing on social mediaSocial media is where businesses in today’s market are going to build their brand. Everything from slogans and catchphrases to companies unique style is being built online. If you want to carve out your niche, then social media is a tool you can’t afford to leave behind for the job. Social media has become a huge part of branding, as it’s a way to consistently get your brand in front of consumers.

But as stated earlier in this post, you want to be sure you have a social media strategy in place. Group your business in multiple categories – like your products, services, about your company, etc. Stay focused on providing a quality experience using educational, informational , and inspirational messages so the viewers can keep coming back.

Small business marketing on social media follows the 80/20 rule. Be sure to only promote 20% of the time. The rest should be quality information, entertainment, and opportunities to allow your audience to engage with your content.

Next Steps:

While this does take strategic planning and creative content development, you don’t have to do this alone. Reach out to us at Beholder and we can help you work social media marketing and management into an effective small business marketing plan.

Start with a 30-minute phone call to talk about your small business marketing goals and how you’d like to grow your business. We offer affordable and effective marketing on social media solutions for businesses of many industries throughout the USA and we can help your business too.