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integrated marketing program

Small Business Marketing Services

4SIGHT is everything you need to market your business. Grow Your Business with Beholder Small Business Marketing Services.

Grow Your Business with Beholder. 

Beholder’s 4SIGHT Small Business Marketing Services is a complete integrated marketing solution for your business. We provide the tools, the team and the insight you need to market and grow your business.

We are a family-owned company and have been recognized as a Top 25 Family Owned Marketing Agency since 1999. We know the challenges that face small businesses and have helped hundreds of businesses grow.

4SIGHT All-in-One Marketing Program combines the top 8 small business marketing services in one affordable package.

Let’s take your business to the next level… together!

integrated marketing program

Our Business Marketing Program combines marketing services into one complete plan for your business growth.

Beholder serves B2B, B2C, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, education, and professional service clients as their marketing service provider.

Most of our clients grew tired of dealing with multiple vendors with different small business marketing services and agendas. They ended up being the mediator and couldn’t focus on their own business. They also knew they couldn’t afford to hire all of the staff that would service every aspect of their marketing needs.

Beholder will focus on your business goals, connect you with prospects and customers, and increase sales for your business.

An Affordable Business Marketing Program 

When our clients tried to figure out whether they should work with an agency or hire an in-house team, they found out working with us was their best choice. Here are the top reasons why hiring Beholder was the best decision:


  • Time – Save time as we provide the strategy and do the marketing for you.
  • Resources – You’ll have access to our team of professionals, industry trends, and consumer behaviors.
  • Money – Save $$$! Ask about our Staff Salary vs 4SIGHT Comparison Guide.
  • Staff – You don’t need to on-board, train, or manage an agency.
  • Tools/ Equipment – You won’t have to invest,  maintain, or learn how to use them.
  • Strategy – We provide decades of expertise and make a positive impact on your business.

Let’s get started! Our month-to-month plans give you the flexibility to grow without the risk. Give us a call at 1- 877-926-6206 and pick a pricing plan that fits your budget

You’re not alone!

Most of our clients do not have many dedicated marketing employees.
Our 4SIGHT Business Marketing Program can help you achieve your business goals.


Have no one
dedicated internally.


Have 2-3 employees that help with marketing.


Have only 1 dedicated marketing contact.


Have 4 or more dedicated marketers.

“To have all of that expertise in one spot is a game changer. Based on their experiences and depth of understanding there is no doubt they will be able to help!”

~Rod Sullivan, Transform2Trancend

Business Marketing Testimonial 

“I don’t have and don’t want a full-time marketing staff. So I looked for a marketing agency that can improve my website, maintain my e-commerce, increase sales, send marketing emails, handle my social media, graphics and more.” ~Pat B. DeckMAX

DeckMAX, deck cleaning services and deck cleaning products company, sought the services of Beholder to help enhance brand awareness, educate and inform their customers, and increase e-commerce product sales. With Beholder, DeckMAX was able to go from a regional service provider to a national and global brand providing deck cleaning services nationwide and selling consumer goods worldwide. DeckMAX Case Study

Let’s Get Started

Our Client’s Outcomes

Increase Revenue Stream

Increase Lead Generation

Improve Brand Awareness

Engage a Loyal Audience

Stay on Your Budget

Work with a Trusted Partner

Case Studies


Beholder works with clients across the country.

Our clients represent many industries with varying goals, sizes, and audiences. Click the link below to view our case studies.

Grow your Business with Beholder!

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