7 Ways Social Media Marketing Will Help You Reach Your Sales Goals

Did you start the year with a plan to ROCK content marketing, and somewhere along the way, gave up on your goal? Don’t despair. Try these seven steps with social media marketing, one at a time, and you’ll find you’re on your way to a very successful content marketing year. Here’s how social media marketing will help your sales goals:  

  1. Use an Editorial Calendar. Editorial calendars come in all types and forms. A simple list will work; We use an editorial calendar as a starting point for most of our clients. Form matters little (though me have ours perfected) what you need is to have a plan and a timeline to follow to ensure your content is balanced and published on a timely basis. And it should go without saying: yes, you can change your editorial calendar. Just use it.
  2. Create Headlines to Attract, Not Hype. Whether they’re in a url link you share on Twitter or actual headlines in your blog, search engines pay attention. The goal is for your headline (and, ideally, your url) to be clear enough so that (human) readers know what your message will be before they read your whole article.
  3. Borrow and Curate. Love one of your vendor’s tip sheets or blog posts? Share it (with attribution, of course). A supplier’s groovy infographic? Retweet it with a comment about why it’s important, or how much you appreciate the company’s expertise. Everything you share needn’t be original, as long as it’s useful to your target audience. Its best to have a good mixture of custom and curated content.
  4. Rock Reviews! Get a nice letter from a customer? Type up a quote and share it! Snag a screenshot of your latest Yelp review and post it on Facebook. ASK FOR REVIEWS on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Share the reviews (ok, just the positive ones) you get on all of your social media channels. Just made another sale to a repeat customer? Ask if you can take a short video thanking him or her for the business. And…post away.
  5. Return to What Has Worked. Which posts did well for you in 2015? Which ones do you think might have done better if posted at a different time of day or on a different channel? Many of those can be reused. Look for “evergreen” content, which simply means it is not dated. Many jokes, safety tips, and training videos have an evergreen quality. Those are ideal for reposting. Another tip: when reusing a post, reconsider the original headline. Clever is nice if it works, but clear and concise headlines work best. Double-check headlines for maximum search-engine-friendliness before you “recycle” previous posts.
  6. Repurpose Everything You Create. Most lists can be easily turned into infographics, and videos can be summarized into static blog posts – or slide shows, even. Have you written a press release? You can repurpose that by turning it into a poster, a podcast, and an audio file – just for starters. Whenever you create an original piece of content, challenge yourself (or your content writer) to give it a fresh spin, and find a way to used in at least two different places.
  7. Remind Readers to Share, and Make it Easy For Them to Share. Obvious alert: the social media scene is a very social place. Translation? People like to share. Make it easy by including share icons on every blog post, and embed links to your social media channels in original content. And, don’t be shy about asking your readers to share. Simply adding “Please RT” to a tweet dramatically increases the likelihood that it will be shared.

Remember those plans you had to rock your content marketing in 2016? There’s no time like the present to find out how social media marketing can help you reach your sales goals.

We’ve helped our clients reach their sales goals by developing integrated marketing plans that combine strategic, digital, and creative content – and get results. If “more sales” sounds good to you, contact us.