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Digital marketing is going to change drastically in 2019. Unfortunately, you’re not going to like a lot of them. If you aren’t already working with a digital web agency, 2019 will be the year you’ll want to get some help.

There are several main factors that will disrupt your digital marketing: Adoption of new technologies and there’s so much content cluttering the feed.

Check out these top 7 digital marketing changes you can expect in 2019 and beyond.

1. SEO will be different this year

digital web agency - voice search app You may have noticed keywords that worked for you in the past but have decreased in search volume. That’s because voice search is here and has changed the digital search landscape.

In 2018, 2 out of every 5 adults used voice search every day. But according to ComScore, 50% of all searches will be done through voice search in 2020.

This isn’t just because of a convenient feature on mobile devices. More people will be searching using Google Home or Alexa.  The shift is here and will continue to disrupt your digital marketing strategy.

Why? Simple… people can talk faster than they can type. But they don’t type like they would talk. Ipso facto… here we go again! As Bowie would say “Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes!

2. Search algorithms are harder to beat

The latest algorithm updates are getting more complex even for a digital web agency. There’s a combination of evolving technology and consumer demand. Google doesn’t have to look at metrics like backlink count to figure out if a site ranks well.

If you want to be successful online, you have to shift your mindset. It’s not about understanding search engines, it’s about being true to your brand, clearly defining your value, products and services, and ultimately, understanding your visitors and site users.

Here are a few user metrics:

  • Are users spending more time on your site than other sites?
  • Are people bouncing off your site and heading back to a search?
  • Is your brand search increasing or do visitors not recognize you as a credible brand?
  • Do people like your site and click through more than one page?
  • Do they visit your site often and use it as a resource?
  • Do they share your site with others on social media or other platforms?
  1. Content Maintenance and Updates

blog - blog maintenance and updatesStrategic digital marketing planning will help you achieve great results. Do not assume what worked in the past will continue to work today and in the future. And more importantly, don’t assume that your digital web agency isn’t doing a good job now that there is a shift. It takes time to adjust to changing search patterns. As long as you’re working towards success and maintaining brand messaging and promises, you’ll be fine.

Go back to your old content – blogs, videos, etc. – and update those pages. You spent a lot of time and money to grow your brand. Take the time to maintain your content as part of your digital marketing strategy.

For example, you decided to install new carpet in your living room. Is that it? No! You’ll be sure to take care of it by keeping dirty shoes off the carpet, and vacuum once a week. The same goes with a car… you’ll still need to change the oil and check your brakes and tires, right. Take care of your digital marketing investment and it will take care of your business.

4. Blogging will Change and Channels will Grow

In years past, you’d be able to quickly rank if you add lots of relevant blog posts to your website. However, we’re now dealing with over 1.8 BILLION websites with even more blog posts across the globe.  What’s important and relevant? Is your business? Your consumers will tell you the truth.

Show up and throw up is not a good digital marketing tactic. You must be strategic with your content and plan to diversify your content and the way you share that content. Share your content across all the platforms.  News Flash – Google is NOT the only search engine!

What’s that mean?  Simple… use social, video, web pages, blog posts, press releases, etc. to share your content and get visitors BACK to your website. Be a resource not just another page on an overcrowded digital library.

YouTube is an essential search engine that will help you grow your business. If you want to be found and relevant, you must produce video content. No, it doesn’t have to be daily, but it must be strategic, with intentional branding and keyword searches, so you can effectively reach your target market.

5. Budgets will Shift

ROI RETURN ON INVESTMENT digital web agencyGoogle and Facebook Ads has grown over the last 5 years. And it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. However, cost per click will continue to rise. They’re in business too! Is ad spend a necessary evil? Sometimes. It helps generate immediate leads, provides information a digital web agency might not otherwise have access to and it helps drive other marketing initiatives with good data.

But every savvy business owner knows you also need to monitor ROI. Quality content, branding, and integrated marketing will provide the BEST ROI and long-term success.  Your company story will not change, regardless of what changes happen from the outside.

6. Marketing and Sales Funnels will Align

The old school, marketing department is here while sales does something differently will absolutely change in 2019. Companies will hold each segment of the business accountable and gone are the days to blame the other for inconsistencies or failures.

CRM, Marketing and Sales Automation will be led by effective technology. Giving everyone access to quality data and holding everyone accountable and responsible for company success.

The sales team will need to work in tandem with the marketing team to determine lead generation campaigns, lead scoring, and establish metrics to quickly change message direction rather than waiting for quarterly or worse, annual reports.

Growing your business will take a concentrated effort to work together as a team.  If a KPI is changed, communication and technology will help address these issues before they become a problem.

Even if you’re just getting started, budget aside money for a strong Marketing & Sales Automation tool. You WILL see a great ROI, not only financially, but in productivity.

7. Marketing and Sales Funnel Content

Be strategic with your marketing and sales funnel content. More is not always better. Protect your assets – specifically your contacts, prospects, and clients. Segment your population and prepare quality content. But more importantly, have the foresight to know what you, as a business, want them to do with that content.

If you’re a publisher, great… keep sending good content without a call to action. But if you’re in business to sell products or services, does the recipient know this?

Think user first! Put yourself in the position of the person receiving your emails and content and then determine if it’s good.


modern responsive web design services - digital web agencyThere are countless marketing tactics and strategies out there, so which works best for your business? Google uses 200+ factors in their algorithm including social signals, user-interaction, brand credibility, and trust.

If you think you’ll be able to run your business and your marketing at the same time, you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Trends will continue to change and you simply don’t have the time for that. Most small to medium sized businesses also do not have the funds available to hire a full-time marketing department. You’ll need at least 5 different skill sets to accomplish the minimum necessary to grow your business effectively.

If you think it’s time to get some help from a digital web agency, give us a call 877-926-6206 or fill out this form below.

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