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Managing your business is stressful enough… your marketing shouldn’t have to be.

Beholder has decades of strategy, marketing, sales and content creation experience. Since 1995, we design brands, build websites, create thousands of social media posts, blogs and email campaigns, and produce thousands of hours of video and television programming.

But most importantly, we’re strategic thinkers who specialize in marketing for small business, start-ups and national brands.

Whether full-service marketing, per project services, or DIY resources… 

We manage your marketing… so you can focus on your business.

Why Work with Beholder?

We know how complex marketing can be. Search algorithms change every month, each social media account has different ways to connect with your audience, and your customer’s attention span is quickly pulled away by a flood of new content.

It’s time-consuming to do marketing the right way. That’s why you need a marketing agency that has the expertise, creative team, and growth strategy to help you boost your business growth.

How Can Beholder Help?

We’ll help you build your brand, drive growth, and generate leads.

We save you time and money by managing your marketing for you.

We know what works to get you results.

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Awards & Honors

We’re so happy we won these amazing awards. Our founders, Craig and Emilia Andrews were featured in Business Journals, Fast Company, Forbes, Huffington Post and more. 

But we’re most excited about being a part of your team, building your brand, and helping to grow your business. 

Join the hundreds of companies that hired Beholder!

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“As a small business owner, you have to wear a lot of hats — manager, salesperson, negotiator, and more. Some of those hats are easier to wear than others! One thing I’ve always struggled with is marketing for my business. Not only do I never seem to have enough time for it, but the results are never as good as what I’d hoped for. Beholder changed all that.”

— Laurie M., Chicago, IL

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