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Learn how partnering with Beholder can put you in a great position to help your clients grow while growing your own business.

If you’re a digital agency, marketing professional, small business consultant, or mergers & acquisitions firm, looking to offer your clients the best in small business marketing and process integration, Beholder and the 4SIGHT Integrated Marketing Program can help.

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Referral Partners

We appreciate the value of relationships.  For over 20 years, we have built our business through the power of referral partners. We are happy to provide compensation when those referrals and introductions result in business.

Agency Partners

Beholder is the ideal referral partner for your business. Our culture is professional yet relaxed. We want you to make a simple call or email and know we’re right there with you, for you and your client. We power the marketing department of many companies, agencies and consultation firms. We collaboratively work towards achieving common goals, serving clients, and being a part of their success.  Running a successful company is challenging enough, we help you provide strategy, training, and implementation of your client’s marketing needs.

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4SIGHT™ Bridges the Gap between Marketing & Sales.

Your business will reach its full potential when you combine our individual marketing services into our 4SIGHT™ Integrated Marketing Program. Grow Your Business with Beholder.

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