All Things Are Possible During COVID-19.

It’s very easy to slip back into our worries, but here are a few tips to help you stay positive and remain on task.

1. Safety:  Are you safe and following social distancing protocols? Use CDC Guidelines for more recommendations.
2. Staff:  Have you increased communication with your staff and team members?
3. Finances: Have you reached out to your bank, vendors, etc and set up a plan? Applied for grants and loans?
4. Customers: Were you communicating AND connecting with your customers on a regular basis before COVID-19 disruption? It you’re able to work remotely, create tasks and action items. Focus on progress not perfection.  Make use of social media and email during this time and pick up the phone for an old-school conversation. Connections are essential during this time.
5. Self care: There is no shame in asking for help. Business owners often experience higher-levels of stress and anxiety as were responsible for everything. But like an avalanche, we cannot take it all at once.
Take the time – at least once per day – to write a task list on old school pen and paper, and check off all you’ve accomplished.
This will help you recognize all you’ve been able to do this week. Make it a new week full of opportunities and solutions.
Putting yourself first during a stressful time, like this COVID-19 crisis, is very important.
  • Recognize your limits.
  • Know when you need to take a break.
  • Create a schedule to spend quality time with family and friends (even if on Zoom).
  • Try to learn something new everyday – whether in business, cooking, art, gardening, etc.
  • Let your mind wander – that’s when creativity begins.
  • Don’t isolate yourself from the outside world—  just because you don’t have all the answers — no one does!
Remember, all things are possible. Together we can get through this! 
If you need to vent or share your frustrations, I’m here for you and I get it.
Give me a call, fill out a form on our website or DM me on social media! 
~ Emilia Andrews