An Integrated Marketing Agency


Integrated marketing has become a buzzword for those who work for a content marketing company, and it’s no wonder. With a bewildering array of competing brands and continued pressure on budgets, consistency in all messages is more important than ever.

If integrated marketing services are perceived as so important, why do so many organizations struggle with bridging silos within companies and even within departments? Here are a few ways to truly implement integrated marketing.

Enjoying the benefits of integrated marketing requires buy-in from several departments including, sales, technology and the various marketing disciples. For this to happen, the value of integrated marketing must be recognized at the highest levels. Start by making sure the leaders in the C-suite understand the importance of integrating all the ways you touch customers and prospects.

Centralized strategic planning is at the heart of integrated marketing. It should be woven into the strategic plan and used to drive every communications, internal and external, that your company does.Bring everyone to the table, Make certain the various marketing groups understand the integration strategy. Hold periodic meetings with all the marketing and sales heads to share what each is doing so real integration can happen.

FInally, Celebrate success: Promote results from all areas that contributed to any campaign. Let top leadership know that social media, traditional advertising, content marketing, public relations and all the other areas worked together to gain the results. If silos are preventing integration, being inclusive with recognition and praise will go a long way to helping groups feel like part of the bigger team.

As an integrated agency, Beholder connects brands with consumers through integrated solutions that get results.