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March 28, 2019 – We’re just a few days shy of our 20th Business Anniversary and Beholder is excited to announce we’ve been named as the 20 Top Digital Marketing Agency in Pennyslvania.

Thank you! #agencylife


“As one of the nation’s original 13 colonies, Pennsylvania has a rich history. The Declaration of Independence was signed within its borders, it’s the home of the United States’ first newspaper and it’s where Benjamin Franklin first tested the lightning rod! This state also has plenty of marketing agencies, but these 20 are sure to propel your company toward historically high success rates,” writes Sarah Thompson.

Beholder started as a film and video production company serving the corporate and broadcast communities in 1999. However, as technology and consumer behavior evolved, so did Beholder. The digital marketing agency provides the strategy, people, process, and technology to help our clients achieve their business marketing goals.

“We’re honored to be named #1 among some of the top digital marketing agencies in Pennsylvania,” says Emilia Andrews, COO/ Co-Founder of Beholder. She explains, “There’s a shift in our industry and the lines are no longer blurred… they are smashed together. Businesses want results and are tired of having separated teams to get it done. It comes down to old-school values… are you getting the eyeballs and experiencing business growth or are you just noise in an overcrowded marketplace?”

digital marketing agencies - Beholder AgencyAs an integrated digital marketing agency, Beholder serves as a complete outsource marketing solution to small businesses and Fortune 100 companies alike. They provide the team and the tools your business needs to grow and succeed. But most importantly, in an industry full of billable hours and unexpected expenditures, Beholder provides a flat-fee month-to-month budget model that’s been highly successful for the company and their clients.

Beholder’s 4SIGHT Integrated Marketing Program includes Strategic Planning, Digital Marketing. Content and Blog Writing, Video, Web and Graphic Design, Email and Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Lead Generation, and Marketing Automation. An All-in-One Marketing Solution that eliminates piece-meal marketing efforts and fractured analytics, and efficiently produces results.

If you’d like to learn more about Beholder and their services, please book a 30-minute call today.