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Blog Trends to Adopt Before 2018

Blog Trends to Adopt Before 2018

The main goal of any blog is to help a business break through the online noise, attracting prospective customers and converting leads. In order to become more attractive, you must consistently develop content that your audience perceives as valuable. Every day, there are thousands of new websites and millions of new content pages competing for the attention of online users, and business bloggers are spending hundreds of hours writing new content. Consider these blog trends in 2018.

The Top Blog Trends of 2018blog trends 2018

1. It’s Not About You – Most businesses write blogs in a way that makes sense to them. But you are not your own target market. Stay focused on your prospect and consumer. What may seem like elementary information to you is brand new information to them. Be aware of their limitations and search queries. Be the resource they want you to be!

2. Create a Content Calendar – Every business needs a written strategy for their marketing and blogging, which includes a content calendar. Content writing is a creative process. You need to have the ability to stay organized, manage time and resources, and keep your team focused. Moreover, you don’t want to find yourself scrambling at the last-minute trying to capitalize on an opportunity, holiday, or special event.

3. SEO Best Practices – We can’t stress this enough. Develop a proper keyword SEO campaign and continue to build this with quality SEO-keyword infused content. Since business blogs are specifically focused on your business – ensure that it actually focuses on your business’ products and/ or services. It’s easy to get caught up in trends, but the main purpose of a business blog is to be an outward focus of your business efforts thereby drawing attention of interested site visitors and encourage a funnel towards lead generation.

4. Long-form Content – The word length of blog content is one of the defining characteristics of search rank, click-through rates, social shares, and conversion. Long-form content is defined as posts with 1,500 words or more. However, long-form content must be formatted in a way that it can be consumed in bite-sized pieces. Nevertheless, meatier blog posts consistently outperform multiple shorter entries. This does video as blog trends 2018not mean that every post should be that long. Consider your audience! If they won’t read it, then the length does not matter!

5. Video Content – Cisco is predicting that “Globally, IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021, up from 73 percent in 2016.” Video content is a worldwide phenomenon, and businesses that do not start embracing this trend risk losing business and market share. That said, adding video content into blog posts is an effective method for making content more interesting and information more engaging. Bite-sized video content is best suited for blogs. Be sure to have a branded YouTube channel and properly describe your videos.

6. Intent-Driven Blogging – The most successful business blogs will understand the needs, desires, interests, and values of their ideal customers. However, they will also comprehend how those customers are using search and will create content that answers queries. Quality content is defined as feeding the needs of your readers. So, rather than publishing large volumes of generic content targeting a focus keyword, try professionally written articles that people actually want to read.

Blog Trends 2018 — mix things up! Use graphics, videos, long form, short form, conversational or corporate in tone and structure. It’s ok! Just be sure to be consistent, relevant and timely.  In order to maximize your efforts, you will need to adopt the blogging trends dominating content marketing.

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