10 Ways Marketing and Sales Teams Can Work Together.

If marketing and sales work together, revenue could grow upwards of 10% annually.
Too many companies keep their marketing and sales separated into two teams. They don’t connect with each other nor do they have access to each other’s data. This silo mentality results in a huge lost opportunity for these businesses-upwards of 10% or more revenue annually, according to IDC. The curated research also reveals:
  • Companies that align their sales and more practices in place generated 208% more revenue from marketing efforts (Marketing Profs).
  • Companies with dynamic, adaptable sales and marketing processes report an average 10% more of their sales people meet their quotas compared to other companies (CSO insights).

If your company wants to see similar benefits from a sales and marketing alignment, its time to restructure the two teams to facilitate better workflow between them. Fill out this form to download this whitepaper.

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