How to Build Your Marketing Dream Team

Having the right marketing professionals on your staff can be the difference between success and growth or failure and stagnation. While we can’t all have a full fledge marketing team, there are essential roles that your marketing team, be it one person or 100, needs to fill. Read on to learn how to build your marketing dream team.

The Starting Line Up

Laid out below are the four broad categories of marketing skills that you need to have on your team. Your organization chart will largely depend on the type and size of your business. Larger businesses can afford to have a Vice President of Marketing with these four departments reporting to them. But do not be dismayed if you can’t afford to hire an entire team. Smaller businesses can start with one individual with a broad range of experience in these different areas. As your company grows, you can hire additional staff, particularly focusing on the areas of weakness of your first marketing employee. A typical marketer wears many hats and handles multiple aspects of each of these categories at one time.


Young man giving business presentation on laptop to colleagues sitting around table in conference room.This is the first role most people think of when they think about how to build their marketing dream team. These are the artists, graphic designers, etc., who are producing creative content for your business. Whether it’s video clips, web copy, infographics, advertisements, or blog posts, these are the creators of content for the rest of your marketing team to disseminate in the appropriate channels or utilize for various campaigns. They are also generally responsible for brand consistency and making sure that the content created fits the profile and needs of your audience.


Your research team is the foundation of your marketing campaigns. These folks are doing the legwork needed to gain background information before a campaign can take off. They are the ones conducting competitive analysis and taking stock of your brand and marketing positioning. In addition, your researchers will gather data on your current and prospective customers and the conditions of the market that you are in. In other words, they dictate where your marketing campaigns are needed most and what type of campaign would be most effective.


The shape of marketing has changed quickly in recent years, and, with the advent of social media, many businesses are interacting directly with customers on a much more frequent basis. Your engagers are the ones who are skilled in navigating conversations with customers via social media channels and any other customer service opportunities. They play a key role in shaping the voice of your company through the way they create content for social media and network with potential customers.


So you’ve got your marketing campaigns off the ground, how do you know if they are performing the way you would like? This is where your analyst comes into play. Before a campaign even starts, an analyst will set KPIs (key performance indicators) based on what is most important to the business. Then these individuals glean the key data from your campaigns but more importantly, turn this data into action steps. Through their analysis, they can give actionable steps to alter your current marketing campaigns or change how you create them in the future.


Now you have the starting line up for your marketing dream team. If this seems daunting now, start small and look for one marketing professional with a wide range of experience. Interested in getting more help on how to build your marketing dream team? Contact us today to see how we can help you on your way to marketing success.


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