Business Tips and Marketing Strategies for Small Business

marketing strategies for small business

People who decide to start their own business are generally very goal-oriented and have a desire to excel.  It is that strong passion and sense of commitment that drive them to forge ahead even when faced with some challenging obstacles.  Nevertheless, some business owners often find themselves plagued with chronic business “headaches” and find themselves searching to resolve their concerns.  Simplify your life with these business tips and we’ll help you focus on marketing strategies for small business growth.

Identify the Source of the Headaches 

In order to resolve any headaches, business owners must first identify the source of their issues.  Categorizing all the various business issues very succinctly, they most likely will fall into one of four categories.  Business owners generally either experience issues with

  1. Managing their personnel (HR)
  2. Managing the nuts and bolts of their business (Operations)
  3. Managing their finances (Finance)
  4. Managing lead generation and market penetration (Sales & Marketing)

The Employee Dilemma

Are there any business owners that started their own business for the sole reason of managing employees?  Highly unlikely.  Nevertheless, in order to grow, most business owners eventually transition from business owner to employer.  For some owners, the transition went fairly smoothly.  For others, they might have a vague idea that the more employees they hired, the less they enjoyed running their business, but they really don’t know why.  If the latter sounds familiar, then it’s probably time to take some steps in order to resolve this concern.

Managing the Business

marketing strategies for small businessBusiness owners in these situations might want to consider hiring an assistant manager to help deal with the day-to-day employee and operational issues, freeing themselves to focus on other aspects of owning a business. However, as a business grows, you become more comfortable in knowing your strengths and willing to accept the challenges.

Considering the complexities involved in today’s marketing, certain marketing strategies for small business would include outsourcing marketing to a full-service agency. Why an agency instead of hiring freelancers?  Because you’ll still have to deal with the headaches of having to manage and direct these people. Freelancers are still looking to you for guidance, even though they may be off-site and not a traditionally paid employee, but a “sub-con.” It’s still your business and they are reliant on you, even though, you may not have the answers they desire.

Often business owners will find once they resolve their employee dilemmas, they actually did simplify their business life and have fewer headaches.  In other cases, owners still find themselves struggling with management issues that can have a tremendous impact on the continuing vitality of their company.

Do an Internal Company Audit

Take the time, at least once per year, to do an internal audit.

  • Go through each of your company categories: HR, Operations, Finance, Sales & Marketing
  • Do you have your systems in place and properly documented?
  • Do you know what’s working and what’s not working effectively?
  • Are you spending more without getting better results?

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