Happy Thanksgiving!

Beholder would like to wish everyone a very fun and delicious Thanksgiving. This week I channeled my inner journalistic reporter and decided to interview some of the Beholder staff with Thanksgiving inspired questions. So, here are their answers (and mine).


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Mashed Potatoes.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Football.

Thankful For: Fletcher’s Flattering Drawings.


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Cole Slaw (also his favorite Easter Dish).

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Going on the Computer for sweet deals!

Thankful For: Pizza (Who isn’t!).


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Sweet Potatoes with Marsh mellows!

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Eating.

Thankful For: Her Imagination.


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Turkey leg.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Sitting down with family and watching Football while eating brie.

Thankful For: Philadelphia Eagles (Retracted).


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Mac and Cheese.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Sleeping.

Thankful For: Family and Friends.


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Sweet Potato Pie and Green bean Casserole.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Cooking, She loves it.

Thankful For: family friends, staff, and sweet potato pie!


Favorite Thanksgiving Dish: Whatever his wife puts in front of him.

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Laying down relaxing and sleeping, waiting for that food.

Thankful For: Star wars and light-saber battles.

My Findings: Everyone celebrates Thanksgiving differently, but we all love food! So there you have it! How would you answer these questions? And for any information on integrated marketing, contact us today!