How an Integrated Agency Can Help You Understand Where Your Brand Stands with Both the Competition and Your Consumers

Believe it or not, businesses aren’t always the best judges of their respective brands. It’s hard to know how consumers perceive your brand when you spend all your time behind the scenes of your marketing campaign. Working with an integrated agency can help remove your tunnel vision and get an accurate view of your brand’s standing among consumers and competitors.

How are your marketing efforts received by consumers?

There’s a strong connection between your marketing efforts and consumer sentiment with respect to your brand. Understanding this relationship is crucial for establishing and checking in on your branding efforts.

For example, a recent study conducted by the University of Maryland looked at how different mediums affect the perception of brands. The study found that consumer feedback tends to loop and get recycled and therefore labeled this phenomenon as the “echoverse:”

“Some parts of the echoverse influence each other equally. In other cases, influence goes one way. Traditional newspaper articles strongly influence word of mouth (Twitter, in this case); likewise, tweets affect the tone of news stories. In contrast, while Twitter influences consumer sentiment, consumer sentiment had little influence on what was said in Twitter. ‘This is in line with the opinion leadership role of the Twittersphere,’ the authors write. Companies issued more press releases when Twitter sentiment soured than when consumer sentiment did.”

A newspaper article will have a much different impact than a press release. This suggests that your business can control its brand just by strategically marketing on different mediums. An integrated agency can guide you in this process and let you know if your campaign has any weak spots.

Is your brand consumer-centric?

The Information Age has led many brands to become consumer-centric over time. This involves several aspects which range from your customer relations to your brand experience.

There are a few ways to tell if your brand is consumer-centric. This Customer Think article lists a few indicators in this regard:

“Companies which place the consumer at the heart of their business are easy to recognize. Their websites are filled with useful information, entertaining videos and games, and their contact page provides all possible forms of communication. Their advertising is consumer-centric and emotional, with the consumer and not the brand as the hero. They involve their consumers in many aspects of their business.”

You can see how being consumer-centric is particularly effective in relation to social media marketing and other online platforms. It provides consumers with both an emotional experience and a means of communication.

Just about every business perceives itself as consumer-centric when that’s rarely the case. It’s important to get a non-partial opinion from an integrated agency to see if you’re really placing consumers first.  

What kind of brands are you up against?

It’s always best to focus on the things that you have direct control over first. For example, your business has sole authority regarding the platforms you market on and the message you send to consumers.

Once you take care of these factors, it’s good to check in on your competitors. You have to remember that consumers don’t just perceive your brand in a vacuum; they view it next to and in relation to competing brands. You might see this as noise in the marketing process, but it can actually affect how consumers perceive your brand.

An integrated agency can research the industry and give a fresh perspective regarding your brand’s standing with respect to competitors. This will let you know if other brands are more consumer-centric relative to your business.

Working with an integrated agency can help fix imbalances in regard to your branding efforts. To talk more about your brand’s standing among consumers and competitors, or anything else, contact us today.