How to Use Social Media Consultants for your Small Business

social media consultantsSocial media consultants will tell you that social media is a part of everyone’s daily lives. However, for many business owners, they struggle with the complexities of actively marketing their business on social media. Give your business the digital cred it deserves with these tips.

Think of social media as a matter of when and how you will use it to market your business rather than if you will use it. Whether you run a successful corporation, a small mom-and-pop or a personal blog, you should put attention into your social media story and make it a normal part of your routine.

This may seem like a daunting task for small businesses as it takes time to gain an audience and often times it’s a headache to creatively think about the type of content you’d like to share. It’s easier than it might seem, but if you don’t have the time, the energy, or ability to set up, create, design, manage, and maintain social media for your business, social media consultants, like Beholder, can help by doing it for you.

Here’s how to successfully use social media consultants when marketing your business.

  1. Use the platforms that work best for you: Don’t take on every social media platform at once because you’re not going to need each one to succeed. Evaluate your business and think about your target audience. Start out with two that work best for your business. The top 4 favorite social media platforms most of our clients use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/ or Linked In. You’ll be able to post all kinds of content there and those websites are also where your current and prospective customers spend their time. It’s your best chance for content to be seen and shared.
  2. Find out who your target audience is and cater to it: Who does your small business cater to the most? Adults or children/teens? Families? Men or women? Do you have a B2B or a B2C business? Once you have a handle on who your business is for, you’ll have an easier time with marketing, because your content will be geared specifically towards them.
  3. Make sure your profiles deliver: You want to start right out of the gate with social media personas to successfully market your small business. You should have a professional profile picture (either your logo or of someone important in the business), a strong description of what your business is about and a call-to-action stating what you want your audience to do. Most importantly, you need to churn out content fairly quickly to let people know you’re out there.  The main question social media consultants will ask is… “Why do customers need or want your product or service?”
  4. Share Your Story: Seth Godin says, “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”  OK… in reality, yes, they buy your products and services. But the point behind this quote is to remind every business that it’s the story, the meaning, the reason and the purpose behind those products and services that lead to a sale. How can you help your consumer? What’s the benefit? What pain points are your helping to alleviate with your brand? How do you want your consumer to feel about your brand? The more vulnerable and open you are about your story, the more connected your audience will feel towards your brand.
  5. Take advantage of scheduling posts through apps: A big part of successfully using social media marketing for your business is learning to schedule your posts to go out at different times of the day. This saves you from being at the computer each day and instead, using that time to focus on other aspects of business life. There are many tools like Buffer or Hootsuite – and Facebook themselves have a schedule application. However, a social media consultant will tell you the most important aspect of marketing is collecting quality data. Some of those tools will provide data, but its siloed databases will not really help you see if your efforts paid dividends and helped grow your business. It’ll just tell you the quantity, not really the quality and specific lead information without a more intuitive marketing automation software that will collect and share that data with you and your sales team.

At Beholder, we’re more than social media consultants, we offer a complete marketing solution that brings the team and the tools you need to succeed. There’s more to social media marketing that just throwing a few posts online. You want it to work for your business, to build a story, drive leads and ultimately, you want to convert those leads into sales.

Our clients want a full circle marketing solution that will help drive business growth, not just become another post in a cluttered social media feed.

Book a call with our team and speak with Beholder’s social media consultants about your business goals and needs.