Integrated Marketing: Selling products in Todays Market

Search engine optimization is the process of making a website rank better in search engines for its target keywords. It was once a service primarily composed of back links. Links were the holy grail of top search engine rankings and link sellers were everywhere, despite Google’s disapproval of paid links. While quality links from websites with authority remain crucial to the process today, there is reason to suggest that content marketing has become the new SEO.

The best part about content marketing is its focus on the consumer. It complies with everything Google and other search engines are looking for. By improving your website’s content, you give your audience an engaging experience and a reason to return. Content marketing revolves around the ability to create a genuine supply of great content for your audience. An integrated marketing company will handle all of your content marketing needs, including marketing blog development, marketing analysis, competitive analysis, video creation, social media marketing strategies, graphic design, and animation.

When someone lands on your home page, you want to capture your own story and equate it to what your customers need. Video is a given in all content marketing today because of the visual culture we’re living in.The same goes for audio clips where interviews with past customers can vouch for your trustworthiness. Audio works better if those willing to do testimonials for you aren’t comfortable being seen on camera.

Old-fashioned blogging can still pack a punch, especially when you write one with an editorial frame of mind. Do some extensive research on the problem you want to address and write it in editorial form. You can even incorporate mixed media directly into the blog for a journalistic piece almost resembling an article in a major online newspaper. Get to know your audience, that way you can enhance your content to best reach them.

Your customers will appreciate this attention to all types of media and your ways of integrating it into one place for complete interactivity. For people researching you for the first time, they can learn everything about you in your content while you give attention to the problems customers want solutions to. Google will appreciate your company because customers appreciate your company. SEO is about optimizing your site for your audience, and the more optimized it is, the higher your company will rank.

As an integrated agency, Beholder connects brands with consumers through integrated solutions that get results.