Integrated Marketing Services: The Sum is Greater than its Parts

Marketing has seen major shifts in the past few years. Traditional advertising has given way to digital. Specialized, targeted media has surpassed mass media. Internet access has become ubiquitous.

As a result of these and other changes, marketers have had to develop strategies that look at the whole picture. These strategies have to see communications as the customer sees it: from one source. Marketers have come to known this as integrated marketing. What it does is combine all of the aspects of your marketing and combines them to reach one goal. It works just like a giant marketing machine, with all of your integrated marketing solutions working together like gears to keep the machine going.

Here are tips to put integrated marketing to work for your company:

First, It’s a strategy, not an advertising plan . As important as advertising plans are, integrated marketing services are comprehensive, they include all areas of marketing so they work together toward the same goal.

But its not just that, It’s about buy-in – For there to be true integrated marketing, all the marketing disciplines need a seat at the table. Content, social, PR, advertising, creative, research and direct all have to be involved so that each can contribute to the greater whole.

Also, It’s from the top down, to be successful, integrated marketing must be central to the broader strategy to make a company customer centric. This takes support from senior management. Don’t settle for just one marketing method. Look at all the tools available and select a strong mix of the ones best suited for the situation.

An integrated marketing strategy that helps you win in the marketplace takes unifying all the marketing disciplines into a cohesive strategy that keeps the customer at the center.

As an integrated agency, Beholder connects brands with consumers through integrated solutions that get results.