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Digital Marketing Services

Beholder’s Digital Marketing Services offer a holistic approach to sharing your digital content, data capture, lead generation, consumer engagement, tracking and analytics. Our goal is to support your business’ integrated marketing goals.

Digital Marketing for a Great Experience

Beholder offers modern, responsive websites, hosting, SEO, SEM, PPC, analytics reporting, and more.

digital Marketing services

Web Design & Development

Most viewers use mobile devices to browse the web. If you can’t view your website properly on a mobile device, it’s time for an upgrade. We’ll design and develop a modern, responsive, website to ensure your guests will have a great mobile and desktop experience. Get Started!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We focus on the end user – the person searching for your information. We research relevant keywords and phrases to help develop a great SEO plan for your business.  Let us know if you are a Local, Regional, or National business and we’ll help you reach your SEO goals.

PPC – Pay Per Click

We’ll create the ads, determine best keywords, and an effective campaign strategy to help you generate leads and information to develop a strong content strategy. Let us know your monthly PPC Ad budget and we’ll handle the rest.

Tracking and Reporting

Proper tracking and analytical reporting will allow you to make the best decisions about your marketing moving forward. We’ll determine what does or does not work, and develop a strategic plan to stay on course for your business.

Lead Generation and Management

Lead Generation is based on a MQL or SQL model. What’s this mean?  MQL – Marketing Qualified Leads will need more nurturing – which means more content and touch points via social media, email, etc.  SQL – Sales Qualified Leads – are ready to go through the buying process. Your sales team should spend more time with SQL’s while your marketing efforts help support MQLs to turn into SQLs.

Do you have this system in place for your business?  Let’s talk!

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