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Email Marketing

Our email marketing services help you grow and nurture relationships with your subscribers. We’ll build targeted email campaigns, increase opens and clicks to your website.

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Email Marketing Services Connects and Nurtures your Contacts. 

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of communicating with your audience. It’s affordable, positions your business as a resource, and increases consumer retention. However, managing your database, creating specific messages to your segmented contact list, and automating your emails can be a bit much for most of our clients.
While your goals may vary, email marketing is a great tool that helps your business communicate to customers and prospects.

Email Marketing Services

Email Design & Coding

Content Writing & Management

Targeted New Lead Campaigns

Database Management

Email Distribution

Conversion Rates

Email Design & Coding

Capture your audience’s attention with visually appealing graphics. HTML coding will prepare your email so your subscriber can access it from a desktop or mobile device. We’ll be consistent with your branding, colors, fonts, and help you set up templates to make the best impression. We’ll ensure successful opens and clicks back to your website with effective monthly email marketing services.
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Content Writing & Management

The average person spends only 15-20 seconds reading an email. That means you have less than 3 seconds to make sure they don’t hit delete. Our creative writers work with our content marketing team to deliver the best content to your emails and newsletters. Beholder organizes your content library and integrates your marketing efforts into a successful email marketing strategy.
In other words… we won’t ask you each month, “What do you want us to send this month?” We’ll already have it planned and taken care of for you.

Database Management & Conversion Rates

As your contact list grows, we’ll properly segment your contacts based on your desired sales approach. As your email marketing efforts grow, you’ll want to know what’s considered success. We’ll provide you with reports after each email, including open rate, click-thru rate, bounces, opt-outs, and even give you a list of “hot contacts” that your sales team should reach out to immediately. We’ll address any opt-out requests and comply to the FTC Guidelines per CAN-SPAM and GDPR regulations.
Content Marketing
content marketing services

Targeted New Lead Campaigns

Want to grow in a specific area or target contacts that have a need your business can help them with? Permission-based email marketing services are tailored to your specific target market. Our access to over 200+ million Opt-In contacts give you the strongest, most targeted lead generation opportunities available – all for just $0.05 per contact. Drive traffic back to your website with Beholder.
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4SIGHT™ Bridges the Gap between Marketing & Sales.

Your business will reach its full potential when you combine our individual marketing services into our 4SIGHT™ Integrated Marketing Program. Grow Your Business with Beholder.

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Email Marketing Case Studies

Beholder is honored to partner with our local, national, and global clients. Our Video Production clients represent many industries with varying goals, requirements, and audiences. Click the link below to view our case studies.

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