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Marketing Automation will help Organize & Grow your Business.

Beholder’s marketing automation and lead generation services give you access to the people, processes, and tools you need to succeed. Increase traffic. Get Leads. Convert Leads to Sales. Optimize Marketing ROI.  PLUS… all of that data is immediately shared with your Sales for a seamless integration.
Our robust sales and marketing automation platform includes CRM, visitor ID, lead tracking and scoring, email marketing, social media automation, dynamic forms, daily hot leads report, call tracking, comprehensive analytics, and end-to-end ROI. 4SIGHT marketing automation monitors lead activity and repeats success.

Marketing Automation & Lead Generation Services

CRM & Sales Automation

Marketing Automation

Lead Generation

Forms, Call Monitor, and Chat Feature

CRM & Sales Automation

Marketing CRM is an approach to manage a company’s interaction with current and potential customers. We use data analysis about customers’ history with your company to improve the business relationships with your customers, specifically focusing on customer retention and ultimately driving sales growth.
We work with you to identify your target customer profile, create personas, and implement an effective marketing-to-sales funnel. With this process, you’ll get more information about your prospects and customers to help grow your business quickly and efficiently. Plus, you’ll find it all in one platform. Siloed metrics will not help your company grow… but we will!
Lead Generation Services
Lead generation

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation helps us drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize your marketing ROI. We develop a strategic marketing plan and deliver the messages to your target audience across multiple online channels. We automate repetitive tasks, monitor successes, and deliver lead reports to you and your sales team. Plus, all of the metrics are put together to ensure campaign success is properly tracked.

Lead Generation

Lead tracking is the process of documenting and categorizing prospective customers based on their actions and sales rep touches. By documenting customer and account-related actions, we can pinpoint prospects at each stage of your sales funnel or pipeline.
98% of web visitors remain anonymous because they don’t fill out forms. Visitor ID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies visiting your site, and provides you contact info, including names, emails and phone numbers. Get crucial insight on your existing web traffic to convert leads to sales.
Lead generation services
Lead Generation services

Calls, Forms and Chats 

You want to know your marketing investment is working for your company. Beholder will help you track success. We track communication through call monitoring, web forms, and a website chat feature.

Phone calls need to be tracked. We provide separate phone numbers for your website, email, social media, and digital advertising efforts. These numbers are forwarded to your main number; so no one will ever know the difference.
Since many web visitors choose to remain anonymous, we’ll set up an easy-to-use chat feature. You’ll be able to engage with web visitors directly as they explore your website.
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4SIGHT™ Bridges the Gap between Marketing & Sales.

Marketing Success is possible with integrated marketing services and marketing automation. Connect your Business with Customers. Grow Your Business with Beholder.

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