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Social Media Marketing Services

Engage with customers and prospects in a way that builds brand loyalty, keeps your product or service top of mind, drives traffic to your website, and increases conversion opportunities.

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Social Media is the quickest way to share your story.

In the United States, an estimated 196 million people used social media in 2016, a number forecast to exceed 216 million by 2021.When used effectively, social media’s ability to share your company, product and service to your target audience has proven to be a successful part of an integrated marketing strategy. Leverage Beholder’s social media marketing services to grow your business and online presence.

Our social media marketing services will help your company:

  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Create brand advocates
  • Increase your social media followers
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Improve link-building efforts

Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Community Growth

Engagement & Interaction

Content Development

Social Media Advertising

Account Management

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a social media page for your business is easy. But then what?
Beholder will develop your company’s voice, define your message, establish the type of content best suited for social media growth, and most importantly, help you identify the social media platforms that is best for your business and audience.

Social Media Partners:

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing Services

Community Growth, Engagement, & Interaction.

Every post, like, retweet, share and follow is an opportunity to engage with your followers. We want to make the most of your social media activity to encourage a fan following. This will lead to trust – in your company’s products and services – encouraging the ultimate conversion into a sale.
While there are some social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers, it doesn’t mean they are dedicated to the brand. We focus on building quality engagement and increasing your true community numbers that lead to qualified interactivity between your business and your audience.
You want leads and business growth. They want quality content on a consistent basis. Beholder provides both.

Content Development

Consistent, fresh content is often the biggest struggle for our clients. Beholder’s content development includes our blogs, articles, web pages, graphics, and videos that are all integrated into our social media marketing services. We optimize the content to increase traffic back to your website. The efforts are designed to specifically target your consumer and encourage a call to action.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing services

Social Media Advertising

As we develop your social media strategy, we’ll determine if it’s effective to build out a social media advertising plan. Depending upon your budget, it can be used to increase your target followers, or send a target audience to a specific landing page to increase sales opportunities. Develop a strong outreach and boost your ROI with Beholder.

Social Media Account Management

Beholder’s Social Media Account Managers focus on ensuring your posts are scheduled according to plan, respond to comments, as well as inbox messages – especially your social media leads. We’ll work with you to increase connections and engagement, drive traffic to your website, and ensure your “business voice” is always adhered to. We’ll even help you establish a social media policy for your staff, so you can maximize your social media marketing services efforts.
Social Media Marketing
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Your business will reach its full potential when you combine our individual marketing services into our 4SIGHT™ Integrated Marketing Program. Grow Your Business with Beholder.

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Social Media Case Studies

Beholder is honored to partner with our local, national, and global clients. Our Video Production clients represent many industries with varying goals, requirements, and audiences. Click the link below to view our case studies.

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