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Video Production Services

We are storytellers, innovators and started our business as a full service video production company. Concept development, script writing, filming, and post production. We do it all… under one roof.

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Video Production Services since Day One. 

Beholder is an innovative and award-winning video production services provider. Our clients include corporate, small business, education, government non-profits, and broadcast networks looking for video production services since 1994. We produce videos for marketing, sales, learning and training programs, plus social media, TV shows, short films and documentaries.

We are passionate storytellers, ready to produce quality HD videos for you and your audience.

Video Production Services

Concept Development

Script Writing

Producer / Director / Video Crew

Field Production

Post Production / Video Editing

Motion Graphics

Concept Development

There are millions of ideas for great videos but bringing those ideas to life is concept development. We discuss your goals, audience type, and the type of video that will be produced.

Our video production services include corporate videos, product videos, commercials, social media videos, website videos, online video marketing, TV shows, short films, documentaries and more.

Over the years we’ve developed a specific process that helps us develop creative and effective video concepts. Beholder’s concept development team will develop video content that stands out.

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Script Writing

Beholder has been writing scripts for short and long-format videos since 1999. Whether your video requires actors reading lines or a simple interview, we’ll organize the script to give you and our producers a clear direction.

Strategically planning for video content enables you to stay on track. We’ll help you do that! Once the camera starts rolling, it’s very easy to wander and include things you didn’t want to say. The most popular and successful videos found on YouTube include the Script Writing process. It’s a great step to video marketing success.

Field Production

Our in-house field production team provides professional audio and video production services. Since we manage all aspects of the video production process, we have one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Our field video production services are complete with cameras, lighting, audio, monitors, TelePrompter, and even a 16-foot green screen. Since we’ve produced thousands of hours of video content over the last 25 years, you’ll find it very comforting to have a team of industry professionals producing your videos.

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content marketing services

Post Production – Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Post-production includes everything that occurs after shooting and is typically the final step prior to completion.

Our in-house video editors churn these hundreds of videos per month. You’ll enjoy a quick turn-around time. We want your videos to be shared in a timely manner and used as part of your content strategy.

We’ll add logos, titles, slides, motion graphics, sweeten audio levels, add music, and any other effects or post video production services needed to have a great final video.

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Video Production Case Studies

Beholder is honored to partner with our local, national, and global clients. Our Video Production clients represent many industries with varying goals, requirements, and audiences. Click the link below to view our case studies.

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