Social Media Marketing – What a Waste of Time!

Social media is a huge waste of time! What’s with the obsession with selfies? Seriously, why do you need to take your picture every day? And then all the random meal habits.  So you eat clean… good for you. 

Look at that… you just found this really pretty scene of a quiet beach. Don’t you wish you were there right now? Oh, here’s a recap of the latest political debate. Hey there, a new Thai restaurant opened near you.  Wait, here’s some information your child’s soccer club just posted about the new rules for the next season.  Your church is having a special service this weekend that you totally forgot about; and your cousin, the one that lives in another country, shared video of the family.

And just like that… social media took you on a wild ride that’s personal, intimate, and informative.

There are many businesses that think social media is a waste of time. And while your business may not be in the content or social media marketing world… it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a stake in the game.


If you are posting random thoughts on your business’ social media channels, then yes, it’s a huge waste of time.  But what many don’t understand is that social media marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach your target audience and more importantly, ENGAGE them.

Your business – your brand – needs to connect with consumers.  That’s how your doors stay open.  I mean, without a consumer… what are you?  Yes… a hobby.  But to help prove it to you even more… the numbers are outstanding!

Social Media Marketing Statistics

If you are new to social media marketing, or have been doing it and it’s just not working for you, please review:

Top 5 Tips to help your Social Media Marketing Strategy:

1. Evaluate your audience.

  • What’s your target market? Gender? Age? Their likes and dislikes? Etc.

2. Clearly define your business.

  • Who are you?
  • What are your products, services, geographic reach?
  • What’s your value proposition?  What makes you unique?

3. List your Solutions.

  • How do you help or what do you offer your consumer?
  • If you’re a restaurant, don’t just list your menu.  Are you a BYOB?  Do you have a great and inviting staff?  What are your hours?  Do you cater?  How about dessert… do you have a great selected?  DIG DEEPER!

4. Define your Brand Culture.

  • What’s important to your business?
  • What are you passionate about?

5. Meet Expectations…

  • Search within your company culture to determine if the consumer’s virtual social media experience will match a real-life experience.  For example, if you’re fun-loving and very creative on social media, but have a very stoic and strict corporate company culture, it will not be a true reflection of your real brand.

These top 5 areas are great to begin evaluating your brand and how it might perform with a structured social media marketing strategy. 

Like most of our clients, they simply don’t have the time to develop a complete content marketing and social media marketing campaign.  Click here to get your Free Marketing Assessment or call 844-234-6537.

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