The best marketing agency has these 5 traits for your business.

For most entrepreneurial endeavors, marketing is the sustaining factor that helps build a returning clientele and ultimately leads to success or failure. Innovative, sophisticated, and highly creative marketing is essential for new businesses to introduce a product or service as well as for established businesses to successfully compete. Therefore, finding the best marketing agency to represent your business , or your products honestly and vibrantly should not be a task taken lightly.

When beginning the search for a quality integrated agency, make sure to do the legwork needed for accurate research. In doing so, the information collected will help deduce what to look for in order to hire the best marketing agency for the job.

The best marketing agency have these 5 features to enhance your business

1) Communication is the best marketing agency foundation

Due to the fact that there are multiple players within an marketing team, from creativity to account management to production, effective and well-established communication is imperative.

When choosing a firm, it is important to be aware of the type of communication they favor and how flexible they will be when meeting your communicative needs. Establishing a communication timeline is essential, as well as determining a standard form, such as email, phone, in person, or video.

Most established, quality agencies should have structured communication guidelines that meet project timelines while providing routine, up-to-date information for the client.

2) Creativity

While team management, budgeting, and production are all important aspects of marketing projects, the integral part of marketing success stems from the agency’s creative team.

A quality agency will not only create a unique product, but will also generate innovative ideas which support the product while upholding the message and mission of the business.

In order to determine if an agency meets your creative guidelines, review the agency’s history. Look through their online portfolio and, most importantly, meet with the creative team face to face. Explain your marketing needs and ask how the creative team will meet them.

3) Planning & Executing

While creativity is the integral core, a experienced agency should also provide a plan of action that addresses each stage of the project. This fine balance between business structure and creative flexibility is what makes a marketing partner truly great. The ability to provide organization and structure will also reveal the agency’s expertise and experiential knowledge.

4)The best marketing agency has a knowledge of sales

In order for an advertisement to be successful, it must actually sell the product. This means that, along with artistic design, an advertising and marketing scheme must also have an underlying structure that speaks to the principles of sales. To do this, an integrated agency needs to know how to define a target audience, as well as understand the specifics to sell to that group.

Sales knowledge stems from a combination of experience, education, and observation. The best marketing agency must be attentive to the market and the desires of consumers, as well as the goals of their client’s product.

5) The best marketing agency is familiarity with media

Marketing has surpassed traditional media platforms such as newspaper, magazine, radio, billboard, and television. New forms of marketing have burgeoned onto the scene, including expansive and complicated platforms such as the internet and social media.

Our integrated marketing agency is intimately familiar with all of these platforms. With that said, an advertising team should also tailor the chosen format, or formats, to each client’s specific marketing needs. This entails a deep understanding of how a platform is productive and successful.

The best marketing agency is simple

Beholder is a full service, integrated marketing agency. Starting in 1999 as a film and video production company, Beholder has evolved through their experiential endeavors, as well as with the flow of modernity. Through partnerships with celebrities, musicians, actors, politicians, and presidents, Beholder has had the unique opportunity to refine and fine-tune processes and procedures over time. For more information or to speak with a representative directly, feel free to schedule a consultation session or contact us.