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The three best digital marketing campaigns for businesses online.

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What’s the best digital marketing campaigns for your business?

The three best digital marketing campaigns through which customers can interact with brands online: owned, paid and earned media. Understanding what each of these entails can help you move forward with coming up with creative digital marketing campaigns that will allow you to reach your goals and meet your objectives.

Best digital marketing campaigns #1 – Owned Media

Owned media are the digital assets that you control. SEO page ranking is mainly controlled by the content you provide on your website or the code that you provide on the back end development side. One way to elevate your page ranking is to take advantage of the content you offer on your website. Integrating this content into email marketing campaigns or owned social media pages will help to increase your site traffic by providing more avenues to reach customers.

Best digital marketing campaigns #2 – Paid Media

Paid media is media that is controlled by an external party that your business pays. Some examples include Display Ads that you can measure via CPM: cost per thousand impressions or CPC: cost per click. Another form of paid media is search engine marketing or SEM. The major difference between SEM and SEO is that SEO is controlled by how strong your content fits search terms while SEM is a mixture of how much money you’ve spent on a keyword that closely matches what a customer is searching for.

Best digital marketing campaigns #3 – Earned Media

The most elusive type of media – earned media – is controlled by your customers. Earned media can take place in a number of different forms from review sites and social media comments and posts to publications that share or use your content (while giving you credit). This is the most difficult type of media to control, however, landing on the right side of it can greatly boost your standing amongst your potential customers. Landing on the wrong side can break your brand image but can be remedied through a mixture of public relations and social media management tactics.

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The most interesting component of digital marketing is focusing on the specific keywords that will best suit your business interests. Be sure to research the keywords to make sure they have quality searches; and that they are relevant to what you are trying to rank for.

For example, in years past, one of Beholder’s keywords was “video production.” However, as searches evolved, that keyword/ phrase is now mostly associated with independent DIY video production links – everything from classes to DIY You Tube videos and software to create your own videos.  Be sure to monitor the success of your digital marketing strategy with effective growth processes so it can align with your business goals and expectations.

So there you have it, three different kinds of media you can identify as you look to connect with your customers via digital marketing channels.

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