small business marketing challengesAfter 20 years in business, we find that many small business owners have very similar “pain points,” wants and needs as it relates to marketing services. Do you agree with these top 10 small business marketing challenges? Add more in the comments and tell us about your business.

Top 10 Small Business Marketing Challenges:

  1. Increase revenue – $$$
  2. Sell more products / services.
  3. Let more people know about their business.
  4. Don’t have time to do their own marketing… consistently.
  5. Do not want to hire more staff or invest in marketing related equipment or tools.
  6. Need a modern, mobile-friendly website, want blogs and emails, and a social media presence.
  7. Want to be “found” online… in web searches and directories.
  8. Feel like they don’t know all the marketing that needs to be done and behind on the trends.
  9. Need a consistent monthly expense budget – so they can properly plan their own finances.
  10. Want a good return on investment.

Many small business owners believe it’s important to put the customer first, so they focus on operations and production efforts to please the paying customer.  Far too often, they find their own small business marketing efforts is an after-thought and just throw something together – maybe an email, a few social media posts or even a cheap PPC campaign. However, when sales tend to dip because of this lack of consistent effort, there’s a sense of panic.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Small Business Marketing Options

  1. DIY Marketing – Do It Yourself Marketing is fun… at first. Especially in the early stages of the business when you want to be very hands on.  But ultimately, most small business owners find they didn’t start a marketing agency, so they’re not fully aware of every aspect of marketing that works for THEIR business. Just because you think it works for one company, it may not work for yours.  Put it simply, unless you’re law firm, you’re more than likely going to have someone do your legal paperwork. The same should go for your marketing efforts.
  2. Hire In-House Staff – This goes along with #1. You’re willing to invest in one staff member to do the marketing for you. But to find a jack-of-all trades, especially in the marketing field is rare. Believe us… in 20 years of business, we haven’t been able to find that unicorn… neither will you.
  3. Piece-Meal Marketing – Most of our clients grew tired of dealing with multiple vendors with different services and agendas. They ended up being the mediator and couldn’t focus on their own business. They thought about going back to hiring more staff, but they knew they couldn’t afford to hire all of the staff, equipment, and tools that would service every aspect of their marketing needs.
  4. Integrated Marketing – We recommend looking for a marketing firm that puts consultation and strategy first. You want an affordable solution based on your specific business goals and needs. Then work that plan to empower you and your team, and ensure that the marketing firm works with you to achieve your business goals.  They will provide the tools, processes, systems, people, creative, and most importantly, peace of mind, to help you achieve your marketing and sales objectives.

Here’s to setting goals, developing an action plan, and working it.

~ Emilia Andrews

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