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Web Design Services for Small Business

You need a good website to get the most out of your marketing. We’ll design a mobile-friendly and easy-to-navigate website to keep your visitors engaged and convert them to become customers.

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94% of the time a consumers impression of your business is through your website.

Our web design services are for businesses and entrepreneurs who want an attractive and user-friendly website; plus gain a strategic marketing advantage.

Your website is at the core of your customer’s digital experience. We design mobile-friendly websites that convert visitors into sales and lead opportunities.

We’ll ensure it’s visually appealing, easy to navigate, responsive to all screens (desktops and mobile devices), and ready to grow into a lead generation machine.  Get a full scale e-commerce website, a starter 5-page website or simple landing pages. 

Let’s talk about your digital marketing goals and design a website that’s built for success. 

Why Choose Beholder as Your Web Design Services Agency?

web design services

Web Design Mockup

Beholder’s website designers create mockups that give you an idea of how your finished website will look and feel.

Responsive on Devices

Our programer advise you when your finished responsive website is ready across all devices from mobile to PC.

Landing Pages

Landing pages will connect your audience directly with your team, bringing qualified organic traffic to your site.

web design services

E-commerce Web Design

Beholder’s complete online shopping system gives you all you need to successfully grow your online business

web design services for small business

Website Auditing

Website audits assures we find potential errors that won’t hinder your website’s performance for Search Engines and efficiently accomplish your marketing goals.

web design services for small business

Hosting & Maintenance

Our monthly web maintenance ensures that your website is functioning properly, We’ll also host your website to monitor and back-up daily to protect your assets.

Web Design Services for Small Business

Questions about our Web Design Services

What social networks do you create content for?2020-10-20T17:35:36-04:00
We create content for every platform. These social media plans focus on creating original content for the top 4 social media accounts that we find are typically best for most businesses – Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. If you’d like to talk about YouTube videos or other platforms, contact us.
What’s the strategy call for?2020-10-20T17:33:40-04:00
We start working with a new client after holding a call with you (or an assigned team member) to gain a full understanding of your business, the brand, its positioning and ideal customer profiles. We’ll brainstorm content topics and provide a strategy document at the output of the workshop.
What kind of posts do you create?2020-10-20T17:35:25-04:00
We create social media content that positions you as an expert in your field, showcases products and trends, drives engagement and traffic towards your website. We create original text and image-based posts, as well as posts recommending quality third party content, including articles and videos. We also write questions that drive engagement and feedback from followers.

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