Why a Video Library is Important for your Business

The internet age has allowed us to view videos in a whole new way.  Instead of popping in a DVD, all one has to do is visit YouTube, type in any keyword and find a whole library of videos about it.  This is why everyday things such as cats have become popular.

But online video is also an important tool to use in your business.  You already know how important it is to draw both old and new customers in with a high-quality website and social media.  Add to those elements by making videos and posting them.  Videos that explain the message and purpose behind the business.  Videos that advertise a certain service or product and how it works.  In time, a video library of your own will form.

So, what exactly is the importance of a video library for your business?  Why is one needed?  Here are a few good reasons:

  1. Online video is in: According to an infographic on highq.com, “78% of people watch videos online every week,
    [and] 55% of people watch videos online every day.”  These are people already likely visiting your website.  Keep them coming back with videos that they’ll want to watch about your business.  This is a good way to bring in new customers too.
  2. Videos = visuals: While walls of text and facts is a simple way to convey information about your business, condensing all of those facts into a video and presenting them in a creative and fun way will give viewers a visual in their minds about what to expect out of your business, its history, brand, products, etc.  The visual will then stick in their brains and give them more of a reason to trust your business.
  3. Videos make your business personal: The internet has allowed businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level than ever with social media and forums.  The same goes with videos too.  Videos will show customers that there are actual people working behind those websites and social media accounts and will make them more comfortable and able to give your business a try.
  4. A video library is not just beneficial to your old and new customers.  The importance of a video library for your business extends to future employees too.  They can use the video library to find out more about your business and if it would be a good fit for them to work at.

So in summary, the importance of a video library for your business is something that can’t be ignored.  Start building yours up sooner rather than later.

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