Why Does My Digital Marketing Strategy Need to Be Updated?

digital marketing strategy - Beholder AgencyOne of the most common mistakes people make with their digital marketing strategy is assuming that the plan is timeless. Often they’ll move forward with a content marketing plan and apply outdated digital marketing tactics, like posting content and never touching it again. Whether you are managing a website, a social media marketing campaign or maintaining a blog, making regular updates to your digital marketing strategy is a crucial part of the job.

What needs to be updated?

So you may be asking yourself, what about the digital marketing strategy needs to be updated?  Your business hasn’t changed much, so why the constant review? Well… your audience and their search methods have changed. Managing their expectations and behavior and connecting them with your business is important.

Keep in mind that these updates don’t have to be elaborate, but be sure they include the following:

  • Follow the best and newest SEO practices.
  • Update keywords to ensure they’ll still relevant.
  • Update existing web content as information changes.
  • Add regular content to keep adding pages and encourage people to come back.
  • Use innovative digital media to your advantage.
  • Use analytic tools to track and monitor digital marketing success.

While this may sound like a lot of effort, updating your digital materials is well worth it. Use these quick tips to learn more about why frequent updates are important and how they can help your business grow.

A strong Digital Marketing Strategy influences SEO

Traditionally when people think about digital marketing, they assume it’s only SEO. However, when you take an integrated approach to marketing, a strong digital marketing strategy will use SEO best practices to help position your brand as a quality resource. Google and other search engines use algorithms to rank and categorize web pages, and these algorithms are always evolving. Digital marketing materials like websites need to be updated so they conform to these new standards. If they don’t, you’ll risk dropping in ranking and getting less traffic.

Even if your website is heavily reliant on social media for traffic, you should still follow good SEO practices. These not only allow you to get more traffic over time, they help you get more visibility to your brand.

Some current updates include:

  • Focus on quality and relevant content.
  • Fresh and consistent content.
  • Use of video marketing across all media – website, YouTube, social media, etc.
  • Social media shares and mentions.

Mobile Responsive Websites Show Your Content Better 

10 reasons why you need new website - websites for marketing success - Beholder AgencyResponsive websites are a hot topic when it comes to design. Not only have search engines like Google placed an emphasis on mobile responsiveness, it is also better for the user. Think of how many devices potential visitors will be using to access your website. There’s computers, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches just to name a few. Each one of these devices will show your website in a different way because of screen size. A responsive web design automatically adjusts your website so that it can be displayed on any device. Visitors will be able to clearly see images, videos, text and other digital content with ease.

Having an old website actually does your brand a huge disservice. Modern search engine optimization rules aren’t just created because they help you rank higher, these formatting rules make your website more appealing to visitors. Update your website regularly to ensure that your readers are not only getting relevant content, but they are getting it in a way that is easy to see.

Typically, you’ll need to update your website every 3 years. Update the existing content on the site every 6 months. Post fresh new content every month.

Regular Updates will Keep your Brand Relevant

Review and updates to your digital marketing strategy is a wise idea. Fresh, accurate content gives your brand more authority and makes it more trustworthy to your visitors. Updates can also make your content more visible to your audience. 

In today’s quick search society, your online image is one of the most important assets for your business. If you aren’t sure where to start with your digital marketing strategy, please contact us right away. Let’s schedule a complementary consultation and let’s talk about your business goals.