Project Description

B2B Marketing Case Study

A.I.R. Conway has been providing reliable high quality direct to garment printing services, contract embroidery, and contract screen printing services since 1988.  This B2B Marketing Case Study features the business growth opportunities available while utilizing 4SIGHT Integrated Marketing Program.

Challenge: Engage and educate prospects and customers on their services; enhance brand awareness, and increase lead generation.

Solution: Beholder customized our 4SIGHT Integrated Marketing Program specifically to meet A.I.R. Conway’s business needs; Serve as the outsourced marketing department.

Services: Integrated marketing services, brand strategy, content marketing through blogs, trade show presentations; digital marketing through web design; site maintenance, and SEO services; social media marketing, graphic design, PR, advertising, photography, and video production services.

A complete B2B marketing solution that allows A.I.R. Conway to focus on business growth!

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Blog Writing Services Save Time, Boost Sales, and Keep Your Content Creation Fresh

blog writing services - content creationBlogs are frequently underutilized. While it’s not difficult to have a useful, current blog, it does require planning and ongoing management. Blog writing services will help your business save time, boost sales, and keep your content creation fresh and relevant.

As with any other business activity, it’s worth asking, is blogging worth the effort?

The answer is absolutely, yes. When your blog is working for you, your bottom line will show it. Of course, there are dozens of other important tasks that also affect your bottom line. Fortunately, blog writing services and content creation management are tasks you can successfully delegate.

Beholder’s blog writing services keep your company visible and provide relevant content creation. It’s designed to educate and nurture prospects, generate leads, and enhance your marketing efforts.

What’s a Blog Good For? 

  • Studies show posting regularly on a company blog dramatically increases inbound traffic and leads for B2B and B2C companies. The more frequently you post, the higher the increases.
  • Even well-known brands (you’ve probably heard of Apple) use blogs to introduce new products and educate prospects on key differentiators.
  • Blog posts about your company’s operations (return policies, guarantees, and specialty services) not only build trust with your prospects – moving them further along the sales cycle – those posts also serve as an excellent orientation tool for new employees.
  • Well-targeted blog content is a proven way to reach millennials and younger adults – who consult blogs before wielding their considerable buying power.
  • Using SEO best practices will increase traffic to your website.

Of course, while all of this research shows that blogging can improve your bottom line, it doesn’t explain how you can make the time to keep your blog a current, lead-generating, brand-enhancing resource.

Blog Writing Services Make Content Creation Fresh and Easy on You

DeckMAX - blog writing services - content creationYou probably know that publishing weekly blog posts is a good goal – and in practice, it’s nearly impossible. Our blog writing services make it an attainable goal. The blog writing process begins with the following:

  1. Start with your company’s marketing strategy
  2. Research effective keywords
  3. Develop a content creation calendar
  4. Write keyword optimized copy for your target audience
  5. Find attractive, attention-getting images
  6. Ensure your blog posts will complement and strengthen your overall marketing efforts
  7. Repeat every week. Keep feeding the content machine!

Beholder delivers fresh content, on your website, weekly – leaving you more time to focus on running your business and delighting your customers.

But there’s so much more you can do with content creation than just place it onto a blog. When you’re ready to learn more about Beholder’s blog writing services and how integrated marketing can improve your brand and increase lead generation opportunities, contact us.