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“MAXimize the Beauty of your Deck!” ®

Small Business Marketing Strategies

DeckMAX Deck Cleaning Products

DeckMAX, the nation’s #1 deck cleaning services and deck cleaning products company. They sought the services of Beholder, an integrated marketing agency, to help enhance brand awareness, educate and inform their customers, and increase e-commerce product sales.

Beholder helped DeckMAX achieve over 891% ROI from our marketing efforts… and this is only from the e-commerce sales! Our marketing efforts also directly impact professional deck cleaning services and wholesale/ retail partner relations.

Foresight Integrated Marketing Program 
We customized our Foresight Integrated Marketing Plan to include: sales development, web and e-commerce, content marketing, SEO, social media marketing and management, email marketing, graphic design, traditional print and direct mail, product label design, online and print advertising, PR, photography, and video production services.

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Marketing 4SIGHT for Your Integrated Marketing Program

If developing your company’s long-term marketing and branding strategy is giving you nightmares, you’re not alone. Navigating the world of marketing, social media, mobile websites, thousands of apps, SEO, data reports, survey analysis, and the internet, without an integrated marketing program can feel a lot like heading into the wild west without a gun.
Building a powerful brand, and implementing an effective marketing strategy requires marketing foresight, integrated marketing solutions, and established goals. Effective marketing 4SIGHT takes experience, expertise, focus, and the ability to forecast consumer behavior.

Getting Started:

Marketing has undergone such a massive transformation in recent years that many companies with established marketing practices are finding their old tried and true strategies to be ineffective, while new companies are struggling to know where to start, what to focus on, and how to build their brand.


Listing and detailing your goals is a great place to start. Decide what your company’s biggest financial goals are, what types of programs you want to be involved in, what trade shows you want to attend, and ways you hope to expand the company in the near and distant future. Think small and get comfortable with specifics, then dream big and use 4SIGHT to stay in-touch with the bigger picture and main motivational forces.


Building your brand starts with your story, company core values, the elements that make your company unique, how you connect with your customers, and company aspirations. Once your brand has been created, establishing a company culture will be an easy and natural process. Getting your employees and customers to love, and live your brand is a great way to develop a solid brand foundation.


Foresight is about planning for how to make your visions a reality before they happen. The four most important components (4SIGHT) needed to grow a healthy and successful brand are: digital marketing, brand strategy, content marketing, and film and video. Digital marketing will include website design and development with a focus on user experience, effective lead generation, SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing), social media marketing, analytics and measurement, and advertising. Brand Strategy will require naming and visual identity, development, research, competitive analysis, brand positioning, interviews and surveys, and messaging platform creation. Content Marketing will include blog writing, informative articles and info graphics, visual journals and storytelling, graphic design, and public relations. Film and video will be used for meetings and events, to tell the brand’s story, display testimonials, train new employees, and for internal and external communications.


After your brand has been created, and effective plans have been made, it is time to implement the marketing strategies. Strategies such as: sharing company content, posting informative survey results and articles, spreading brand awareness, reaching and engaging with target markets, and running effective advertising. Market-strategy monitoring will be an important tool in determining necessary areas of focus as well.
Marketing 4SIGHT, integrated solutions, and a full service branding strategy will be essential to your robust marketing platform, so please contact us today for passionate marketing professionals eager to turn your business visions into a successful business with comprehensive, strategic, and digital solutions.