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Opera Philadelphia is committed to embracing innovation and developing opera for the 21st century. We produced several Random Acts of Culture with Opera Philadelphia to introduce opera to the public.  Flash operas were captured in Reading Terminal Market, an Amtrak Station, Macy’s, a museum and many more public locations. Over 15 MILLION views on YouTube, lead to features in national media and news stories. You may have even seen these videos yourself! Enjoy!

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Using Video Production Services for Your Business

Video Production Services by BeholderVideo is one of the most important tools that a business of any size has at its disposal when it comes to marketing, communication, and success. Using Beholder’s video production services is very beneficial because it gives you security in the knowledge that it will be a high-end product.

Why is video one of the most important tools in business marketing?

Video is capable of “showing” the customers what the business is all about instead of just “telling.” You are able to give a lot of information in a relatively short amount of time. Most consumers would rather watch a short one or two-minute video than read multiple paragraphs of text. Video is a perfect combination of both. Video is versatile, so if you want to include text within the video you can. Marketing videos are also easily shared. In other words, there are many places to post these videos, which creates many avenues for potential customers to find your business.

Using video production services from a reliable company guarantees that your video will be professional and effective. They have the best equipment available to get the job done, and their staff have the knowledge and experience to create a high-end product. In video production, having knowledge and experience are crucial if you want a quality product, as it’s not always about the equipment but in also knowing how to create a quality final product.

Here at Beholder, we offer video production services that range from development and strategy to final distribution, and everything in between. We work closely with you so that your vision becomes a reality. We take care of the production, including script writing, finding on-screen talent, location scouting, and more. Having a professional video made for your company is crucial if you want growth. Videos are an important step in creating a strong online presence, which is important in today’s marketplace. Did you know Google owns YouTube? Posting more videos to your own channel will also help your company’s SEO opportunities.

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