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Sports Marketing

The Philadelphia Wings is a member of the National Lacrosse League. The team was located in Philadelphia, moved to Connecticut, and recently came back to the City of Brotherly Love.

Beholder provided creative content, video production, graphics, motion graphics and animation services.

Fans had a complete in-arena experience with bright and vibrant motion graphics, jumbo tron hype and lots of great videos to promote the team, players, and in game experience. A 30-second commercial promoted ticket sales, and an in-studio television show enhanced the brand and gave the fans great content to relive game moments.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Video Marketing Services

According to Cisco, video content will be the main source of internet traffic for up for 69% of all consumers by 2017. Think about that statistic, that is a huge number when considering visibility. Online videos exploded in growth and popularity with the help of websites like YouTube and Vimeo and are now considered an effective tool for sharing information and providing hours of entertainment. If you are still wondering if your company should use video marketing services, here are five reasons why you should consider adding it to your marketing strategy:  

1. Consumers Prefer Videos Over Reading Content

If you give the average consumer the choice between watching a five minute video demonstrating how to use a product or a 1,000 word instruction manual, almost all of them are going to choose the video! Let’s face it, videos are visually appealing and allow people to get the information they need in a quick, easy, entertaining, and efficient way.

2. Videos Can Help Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Did you know that videos can help improve your search engine rankings? Videos embedded on your landing page or some of the other pages on your website is a smart move if you want to rank high in Google and other search engines. Google will rank your website higher if the website is optimized for your viewers, and video helps with optimization. Placing your video content on platforms like YouTube and social media platforms can also increase your chances of gaining viewers and possibly new customers. Viewers can easily share your video content on social media channels.  

3. Consumers Are More Likely to Trust You

Another reason you should consider using video marketing services is it gives your business a personal touch with an element of humanity since it creates a personal connection with your audience and establishes credibility. Videos give your company a face or personality behind your brand that encourages consumers to trust your business. If a consumer trusts a company and its brand then they will be much more likely to stick around.They can also feel more confident about making an online purchase from your company.

4. Video Can Enhance Your Company’s Brand

Videos are great for storytelling. And what better way to show consumers your brand than with videos? Overall, a well-produced video can communicate how your business delivers value and stands out from the crowd. High quality videos can increase consumer engagement, attract leads and close sales. Do you have any customers that are happy with your service or products? Contact them and ask them to appear in a customer testimonials. Testimonials are a great way for prospects to see that your brand is truthful and reliable.  

5. Get a Deeper Understanding of How Your Consumers Behave

With behavior analytics you can gain a more in-depth understanding of how consumers behave after they view your video. Do they stay on your website longer after watching your videos? Do they fill out contact forms? Are videos driving website traffic? Are people sharing your videos? When you can obtain a deeper understanding of your consumer’s actions you can come up with better ways to increase engagement. With more businesses receiving traffic from mobile devices instead of traditional desktops, laptop or even tablets, video content can make your business stand out from your competitors.

Video Marketing Services

With all of these reasons – how could you not want to use videos? They can be a great addition to your marketing strategy. Overall, video marketing services can do wonders to bring traffic to your website, inspire consumer trust and increase their brand awareness about your company. When your company’s video content are professional and done right, it can greatly increase your customer engagement, persuade others to buy from you and motivate people to share your content with others.

Please contact us to learn more about our video marketing services. Our integrated agency has over 15 years of experience developing quality and engaging video content that can connect your brand with consumers. We would be happy to discuss our video production process in detail and find out how we can meet your marketing needs.

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