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Solution: Marketing

Hair Extension Branding

Gorgeous models. Lustrous hair. Crown culture.

Remy Capillus called on us to produce several marketing videos to feature their high quality hair extensions. Our photos and videos helped promote their products across the web and social media.

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Using film and video production as part of your content strategy is widely acknowledged now as one of the greatest marketing tools available. That’s because doing a film or video as part of your content marketing helps you inject real personality into your business. Prospective customers have a chance to see you and your staff presenting the best aspects to your business while cleverly showing why everyone should buy from you.

But as with all videos, you need to have a style that sets the mood and style of what your brand is. This may be a major challenge, especially when so many people give recommendations to do one particular style over another. How do you find the right style for your video so it doesn’t end up backfiring?

Going the Comedy Route

Comedy is usually recommended above all others for reasons that are obvious: Laughing makes people feel good. It’s also the perfect way to get people to like you and your business instantly if you can do something clever that garners major belly laughs. However, it can also backfire tremendously if you have a tin ear to approaching the rhythm of comedy.

Comedy is a true natural science that’s almost impossible to teach without having a special instinct for it. It’s a good idea to avoid comedy if you find yourself only capable of writing simple jokes or overly bad puns. Today’s audiences have a very sophisticated sense of humor that needs to be reflected in your video. One of the best routes is doing a parody of pop culture, because it’s an approach most audiences will relate to.

Be sure to not lose sight of bringing your business into the comedic story. You don’t want to get so comedic that nobody knows what it is you’re promoting.

The Novelty Video

Sometimes just being creative rather than worrying about being funny can create considerable attention on social media. Doing some novel thing that hasn’t been done before like a different form of animation, a new narrative, or a unique visual style can get people talking quickly about your video. These film and video production have better chances of going viral the more creative you can be.

Keep in mind you don’t need a big budget to use a novelty approach. Sometimes the simplest idea with the smallest budget can create a compelling look on video. Regardless, if you’re not overly creative or funny, consider using a more compellingly serious narrative.

Using the Personal Approach

Many content marketing videos today feature interviews with staff while also telling the background story about the business. These can create powerful emotions, especially if your background is one that came from a troubled past. Many businesses have back stories like this, and you shouldn’t hesitate to tell your story if it naturally fits your business style.

In this day and age, personalization in a business is a leading reason why a business succeeds. Customers enjoy connecting on an emotional level with the owners of a company, especially if the products solve a universal problem.

Inside Advice Videos

Sometimes just you talking to the camera and dispensing advice to fellow business owners can be as valuable as a wide-sweeping video to the masses. Considering how many business owners are out there, an advice video can easily go viral if the advice you give is unique.

Only do this style if you have a vibrant personality that translates well on camera. Plus, make it as short as you can since someone talking into the camera may not hold interest for over five minutes, no matter how fascinating the content is.

If you need to put together a content marketing video, Beholder Productions is there for you to provide a production that fits your personality. We’ll help you find the style that’s best for your business and create a video you’ll be proud to share everywhere online.

Contact us and we’ll tell you everything about our comprehensive marketing services, including valuable brand integration. We’ll also help proliferate your video to the right channels, including the ever-important world of mobile.