Project Description

Rod Sullivan is a successful business, executive, and leadership coach. He has formalized his advisory and coaching methods; and conducts leadership training seminars to elevate seasoned and emerging leaders to new levels within their organizations. Rod Sullivan’s passion to advise and coach has helped to promote young managers to directors; mid-level managers to senior management; and executive teams through transitions. Professional services marketing shares his expertise and services to a target audience.

Challenge: Engage and educate consumers, enhance brand awareness, improve service line segmentation, and increase lead generation.

Solution: Beholder customized our 4SIGHT Integrated Marketing Program to meet his business needs; Professional Services Marketing Solution.

Services: Integrated marketing services, logo design, web design, website maintenance, and SEO services; blog writing; social media marketing, graphic design, photography, and video production services.

A complete marketing solution that gives your business the flexibility to grow without having to manage marketing staff!